Item No.: SU-1603

Product Description

EPDM waterproof rubber coil  is made of EPDM rubber mixed with butyl rubber, vulcanizing agent, accelerator, softener and reinforcing agent, etc., through refining, filtering, extrusion and other processes.  Due to the molecular structure of epdm on the main chain of double bond, as a result, when it had been hit by ozone, ultraviolet radiation, the role of damp and hot, is not easy to break on the primary key, so it has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, and high tensile strength, elongation, scaling or cracking at the base of strong adaptability, value, light weight,  Wide temperature range (in the range of -40 ~ +80ºC can be used for a long time), is a kind of efficient waterproof material.  It can also be cold construction, simple operation, reduce environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of workers.  There are vulcanized and non - vulcanized types in the market.

Technical Data Sheet (CONFORM WITH GB18173.1-2012-JL1)
No. Items Technical Indicators
1 Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥7.5
2 Breaking Elongation ≥450%
3 Tear Strength kN/m   ≥25
4 Impermeability, 0.3Mpa, 30 minutes  No leaking
5 Low Temperature Flexibility  ≤-40ºC
6 Thermal Stability (mm) Extend  ≤2mm
Shrink  ≤4mm
7 Hot Air Aging (80ºC×168h) Tensile Retention   ≥80%
Breaking Elongation Retention ≥70%
8 Alkali Resistance, Saturated Ca(OH)2 Solution, 23ºC×168h Tensile Retention ≥80%
Breaking Elongation Retention ≥80%
9 Ozone Aging(40ºC×168h) Elongation 40%, 500pphm No crack
10 Artificial Weathering Aging Tensile Retention ≥80%
Breaking Elongation Retention ≥70%
11 Bonding Peel Strength (Sheet and Sheet) N/mm (Standard Test Conditions) ≥1.5
Soaking Retention Rate(23ºC×168h) ≥70%
Adhesive property: The offset and stripping length from the base line is less than 5mm, there is no harmful deviation and abnormal point.

Basic requirements of roofing construction base:  
1. Base base needs to use 1:2.5 cement mortar base to 20-30mm thick screed layer, should base smooth pressure light, solid firm, smooth, no sand, no convex and concave, loose, bulge, surface and other phenomena exist.  The flatness of the application of 2m long ruler inspection, the gap between the leveling layer and the ruler should not exceed 5mm.  
2. The surface of the screed must be dry, the cement mortar should have sufficient strength, and its moisture content should not exceed 9%.  
3. The joints and corners of the screed layer and the protruding roof structure (parapet, chimney, etc.) should be made into a circular arc with a radius of 20mm, and slightly low pits should be made around the water outlet to facilitate drainage.  
4. The slope and flooding of the leveling layer shall meet the requirements of the design and relevant regulations.  

Operation process: 
1. Clean the base: the base checked and accepted before construction is clean again.  
2. Additional layer: Special parts such as Yin and Yang Angle, pipe root and water outlet must be added layer first.  Polyurethane coating or one layer of coiled material can be used.  
3. Base and coil surface coating: roll material spread on a clean base, with a long roll brush dipped in (401 or 404) adhesive, evenly coated on the coil, then coated on the base construction, brushing can not be repeated in the same place repeatedly, so as not to form gel.  Special parts such as tube root and water outlet should be brushed with a brush.  
4. After gluing the coil and the base, air until the binder is basically dry, and generally do not stick by hand before laying.  
Matters needing attention:  
1. Do not lay self-adhesive rolls on the frozen base surface;  
2. Construction should not be carried out on the base which is polluted and has high water content;  
3. The packaging and isolation paper of self-adhesive coil can only be removed before and during laying;  
4. When the sealant is used up, the container should be tightened and sealed in time;  
5. Materials should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent sun and rain.  Coils of different types and specifications should be stacked separately.